Can I take classes from 十大正规网赌平台 before I graduate from high school?

是的,您可以通过我们的 双招生计划.

What are the requirements to participate in the 双招生计划?

Currently students are eligible for 双录取 if the student can show qualifying test scores with a high school GPA of at least 3.0.

EGSC -斯泰茨伯勒的位置是什么?

EGSC-S is a collaboration with Georgia Southern to allow students to enroll in East Georgia classes as well as access available student services on the Georgia Southern 大学校园.

什么是EGSC -十大正规网投平台的位置?

EGSC-A is a collaboration with Augusta University to allow students to enroll in East Georgia classes as well as access available student services on the Augusta University 校园.

What are the minimum admission requirements for high school graduates?

Students must have high school or college GPA of at least 2.0分或通过GED考试. Students that receive a Certificate of Attendance or Performance/Special Education diploma will be required to get a GED before acceptance. 学生不符合 GPA requirement will be considered 根据具体情况申请.

I have a GED but my high school class has not graduated yet. 我可以参加EGSC吗?

Students who submit GED scores prior to their graduating class will be considered 根据具体情况申请.

Are students required to take the SAT or ACT test?

十大正规网赌平台 no longer requires the SAT or ACT for admission purposes. Students that have scores are asked to submit their scores as they may be able to 免除学习支持必修课程.

What are the 17 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units?

请参阅 USG留校指南(PDF) 有关详细信息,.

What if I do not have the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units? 我怎么能 满足这些要求?

You will be required to take ONE additional course in the area in which you are deficient. The course will count in your cumulative GPA and the course will count toward degree 学分和你的可转学分. You must earn a minimum of a ‘C’ in these courses. Only one course in the deficient area is required.

Where can I complete the 招生 Application?

Applications should be submitted online through GaFutures网站.


Following receipt of your admission application and all required documentation, your 申请将会被审核. You will receive a phone call, email, and letter stating 你是否被录取.

*Due to the amount of paperwork coming in, it can take up to three weeks for notification 接受或拒绝.


All applicants are required to complete an admission application, provide official high school transcripts, any and all prior college or technical school transcripts, 免疫记录. Failure to provide this documentation can prevent or delay 接受及/或登记.

If I am accepted to 十大正规网赌平台, what is my next step?

You will need to check your status to see any outstanding documents needed for your 文件. You can also visit the accepted students page for a checklist to review.

What Immunization records/shots are required?

All students must provide documentation from their physician, health department, 等. that they have been immunized for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR1/MMR2), Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine (MTD), and proof of Chicken Pox or Shingles disease or the Varicella Vaccine (MCP) unless they claim a religious exemption. 脑膜炎球菌疫苗(MENI)是高度 recommended for those students living in on-校园 housing. 18岁或以上的学生 younger at the time of matriculation will also be required to have 3 doses of Hepatitis B型疫苗(MHPB). Students who claim religious exemption, in the event of an outbreak, will be asked to leave 校园 to prevent infection. 根据乔治亚州的法律,我们必须这么做 to notify students they may also need to be immunized for Meningitis and Hepatitis B. The Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine (MTD) must have been given within the past 10 years 为了满足要求.


Yes - all new students are required to go through the virtual 取向 and complete 的模块. At the end, there is a  pre-registration 调查 that must be completed 为了注册课程.


At the end of the orientation modules you will be required to submit the pre-registration 调查. New students are not permitted to register themselves for classes nor will their advisor be able to do so as there are registration holds placed on all new student 账户.

你提到了一个学术顾问. 我怎么知道那是谁?

All students are assigned an academic advisor based on their 校园 and major indicated 十大正规网投平台它们的应用. After your first semester, you can log into your myEGSC account via BannerWeb under the Student Services>View Student Information>登记 window, or by going to the academic department and determine the name of your permanently 指定的顾问.


Please contact the Student Affairs Office at 478-289-2169 for further assistance.

If you have questions regarding payments, student insurance plans, tuition amounts, 等. please contact the Business Office at 478-289-2186.